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U.S. Soccer To Create National Development Academies
USL in full support of efforts to aid in the growth of the sport in conjunction with the Super Y-League and professional structure
Monday, June 4

TAMPA – United Soccer Leagues announced today its support of U.S. Soccer’s newest initiative, the U.S. Soccer National Development Academy program. The nation-wide program is a product of a technical committee created by U.S. Soccer in 2006 to assess and analyze player development in the U.S. The findings of the committee and the development of U.S. Soccer’s National Development Academy Program will advance U.S. Soccer’s level of competition at the international level.

“Our infrastructure throughout the U.S. is best positioned to help U.S. Soccer in this endeavor to create better players, coaches, clubs and referees,” said USL President and Founder, Francisco Marcos. “Over the past twenty years USL has played a significant role in the growth and development of the sport in the U.S. We created a player pipeline that goes from youth to professional. All of which U.S. Soccer will continue to benefit from. We will do our part with USL clubs to ensure that the National Development Academy program is successfully launched by U.S. Soccer.”

The recent findings of U.S. Soccer’s technical committee and specialized sub-committees has been a need for U.S. Soccer National Team Programs to connect more directly with professional and selected elite youth clubs around the country. Although the technical review of the committees is still ongoing, the formation of the U.S. Soccer National Development Academy program is the first project to be adopted.

The designated U.S. Soccer National Development Academies will compete in a 30-36 match, league competition at the U16 and U18 boy’s levels. These clubs will forgo other soccer activities at these age levels, including leagues, tournaments, cups and other competitions. The academies will also adhere to U.S. Soccer’s best technical practices, such as proper training to match ratios.

The USL Super Y-League, created in 1999, is an elite national youth soccer league consisting of youth academies in Major League Soccer, USL First Division, USL Second Division, USL Premier Development League, USL W-League and a large number of the elite youth clubs around the U.S. and Canada.

To date, the Super Y-League has provided a solid foundation for the pioneering of professional soccer youth academies and elite youth clubs in the U.S. and Canada. The league has created an environment more conducive to elite-level players and has been in the forefront for creating change in the sport at the elite youth levels. In 2006, a U20-division of the Super Y-League was created (a.k.a. the USL Super-20 League). The league was established to provide the top 17-19 age level players the opportunity to compete in regional based competition.

For more information regarding the US Soccer National Development Academies, please visit www.ussoccer.com and for information on USL please visit www.uslsoccer.com.

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