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The Majestics' Kristen Lybert
By Dave Utnik for


Thursday, June 10, 2010

On Monday, Kristen Lybert had a goal and two assists as the Majestics USL Super-20 League team opened the season with a 3-0 victory over NOVA FC and, on Saturday, she will make her fourth start in the prestigious collegiate W-League, where the 18-year-old is the youngest member of the starting lineup.

"I like it because I’m always getting better," she said. "I’m playing against players who are tons better than me."

Kristen LybertThat likely won’t be the case for long. Lybert has a way of standing out even when she’s trying to blend in, which is exactly how Richmond’s coaching staff spotted her in the first place.

"It actually came through high school, which was surprising," Lybert said. "Everyone says you’re not going to get recruited out of high school. But you never know who is watching. You should always play your best because we were playing a game in Richmond, and they were there watching another player and then they saw Shondel and I," said Lybert, an ESPN Rise All-American who had 28 goals and 11 assists in her final high school season.

"When I leave Woodbridge, I hope people will think of me as a hard-working person and that I might inspire someone to reach for what they want to be," she said. "I hope I was an example for that."

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